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Smoke Alarms

Safety is our top priority at On The Hour Services. To prevent the dangers of a residential fire or other electrical hazards, we provide qualified services to ensure your home has working smoke alarms.

Have you noticed that your smoke alarm isn’t functioning properly? Concerned about house fires in your home? With On The Hour Services, you don’t have to worry about smoke from a fire turning into a disaster as your home is up to date with Australian Standards and state legislation.

There are times when emergencies can strike quickly and without warning, and we know that they can happen at any time. We have fully licensed and local electricians ready to help you, no matter if you need a smoke alarm service, replacement, or installation. Please contact us before your home sustains any further damage due to electrical problems.

The purpose of smoke alarms in Australian homes is to provide residents with early warning of a small fire before it becomes a major hazard, giving them time to escape and contact the emergency services. You can call On The Hour Services 24/7 customer service line at 1300 800 080 or book your service online now to make sure your smoke alarms are working properly.


Frequently Asked Questions about Smoke Alarms

If your smoke alarm fails to respond to tests, makes intermittent beeping without the presence of smoke, or if it’s beyond its expiry date, it might not be working properly.

Contact On The Hour Services for a professional assessment. Our licensed electricians can service, replace, or install new smoke alarms as needed.

It’s recommended to test smoke alarms monthly and have them professionally inspected at least once a year to ensure they’re functioning correctly.

Yes, our team of fully licensed electricians can install smoke alarms in your home, ensuring they meet Australian Standards and state legislation.

There are several types, including ionization and photoelectric alarms. Ionization smoke alarms detect flaming fires using a radioactive material to sense changes in ionized air, while photoelectric alarms detect smouldering fires through light scattering caused by smoke particles. We can advise on the best type for your home based on its layout and your specific needs.

Smoke alarms typically have a lifespan of 10 years. It’s important to replace them before or when they reach this age to ensure continuous protection.

Absolutely. We ensure that all smoke alarm installations and maintenance services comply with the latest Australian Standards and state legislation.

Yes, we can install interconnected smoke alarms that activate simultaneously, providing immediate alert throughout the entire house in case of fire.


Smoke Alarm Needs.


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